Department of Pharmacognosy

About the Department:

Pharmacognosy is a branch of Bio- science that studies the herbal medicine as well as medicinal drugs and compounds of natural origin. The subject has played a diverse role in the discovery, characterization, production and standardisation of crude drugs. Pharmacognosy is the study of phytochemical analysis, i.e. extraction, isolation and characterization of natural compounds, plant tissue culture, biochemical transformations, and study of biosynthetic pathways, in addition to the phyto-pharmaceutics and Phytotherapy.
The Department has well equipped laboratory and medicinal garden. The garden set up in 2005, is well maintained with the help of a horticulturist. Presently the garden houses around 40 well labelled plants that have value in the field of medicine and cosmetics. The department has sophisticated instruments like Microscope with image analyser, Rotavac evaporator, Moisture balance that can be used for research activities associated in the field of Pharmacognosy

Areas of Research:

-> Isolation and characterization of phytoconstituents
-> Phytochemical investigation and pharmacological screenings
-> Development of herbal formulations
-> Studies on the endangered plants by using Tissue culture techniques

The Team/Faculty:

S.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1. Ms T Sandhya Rani M.Pharm Assistant Professor
2. Ms. S Swathi M.Pharm Assistant Professor
3. Ms V Chaitanya M.Pharm Assistant Professor
4. Ms P Sailakshmi M.Pharm Assistant Professor