Department of Pharmaceutics

About the Department:

Department of Pharmaceutics was established in the year 1995 and has one specialization viz pharmaceutics. The course content is precisely planned and designed to prepare the students for a career in pharmaceutical industry and to continue research activities in various pharma sectors including higher studies. The program offers various opportunities to the students to participate in research projects and to enhance research skills. Department of Pharmaceutics is equipped with excellent laboratories with modern facilities and competent staff. Several research papers are published in reputed journals every year. Department has marked its excellence by filing 3 patents and has excellent placement records.
-> The aim of pharmaceutics lab is to focus and implement novel technologies in formulation design to pursue the optimal delivery of drug substance to target site of patient s body.
-> Taste-masking, oral fast disintegrating dosage forms, technology for insoluble drugs.
-> Transdermal drug delivery systems
-> Targeted drug delivery systemsOcular drug delivery systems
-> Multiparticulate drug delivery systems

Areas of Research:

Our research work emphasize on developing delivery systems that would improve safety, efficacy and duration of current treatment making it more efficient for patients.
Controlled drug delivery systems such as Liposomes, Nanoparticles and other colloidal drug delivery systems

The Team/Faculty:

S.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1. Dr.Rajeshri Dhurke M.Pharm.,Ph.D Principal and Head
2. Dr. P. Rajasekhar M.Pharm.,Ph.D Professor
3. Dr M Kalpana M.Pharm.,Ph.D Associate Professor
4. Mr G Sandeep M.Pharm Assistant Professor
5. Ms N Manusri M.Pharm Assistant Professor
6. Ms.K.Deepthi M.Pharm Assistant Professor
7. Ms.R.Sowmya M.Pharm Assistant Professor
8. Ms M Anusha M.Pharm Assistant Professor
9. Ms.T.Shruthi M.Pharm Assistant Professor
10. Mrs Sana Naaz Fatima M.Pharm Assistant Professor
11. Ms G Alekhya M.Pharm Assistant Professor
12. Ms D.Bhavani M.Pharm Assistant Professor